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To avoid confusion that has occurred in the past, I feel I should point out the following:

This is my web site. It is a personal web site, not a business one. It is currently hosted by my ISP, Comcast. Any links from my site(s) to other people's site(s) are just that - I do not own such linked sites and I am not responsible for their content. Similarly, any links from other sites to MY site are also just that.

I am solely responsible for my site's content and only for my site's content.

The links to other web sites are provided as a service to you and it's up to you to decide whether or not to visit them. Furthermore, by linking to such sites I am not making any claims, unless further expressed, to be affiliated with such sites nor with their owners. In most cases I just find them to be interesting and/or informative and/or entertaining, and my intent is to share my finds on the internet with you if you happen to share similar interests.

Finally, If you should have any questions, you may (and certainly should) contact me rather than drawing any wrong conclusions. There are no stupid questions.
Thank you for your time.

~ Wayne ~